Donna Collins (Winner of the North Melbourne Comedy Competition 2017) and Caili Christian (Winner of the Liza Minnelli Look-alike Contest* three years running**) are both in a constant battle with Awkwardness.

Caili is a loud mouth mum with no filter, who tends to create chaos by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time at least once a day and Donna can’t leave the house without making it weird.

This year they’ve come together with a side-splitting split show filled with family weirdness, messing up basic social interactions and enough nervous energy to ensure everyone will walk out feeling better about themselves (except Caili and Donna).

This is Caili Christian’s second year in Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Despite being a newcomer to the comedy scene, she loudly bursts onto the stage with her complete lack of self awareness and the ability to mime an effective adult at 20 paces. At least she can use effective Mum Finger™ (her only real talent).

Donna Collins first tried stand up comedy at 13 years old, it went so well that she decided to wait 15 years before giving it another go. Now Donna is performing at venues all around Victoria, was the joint winner of the North Melbourne Comedy Competition in 2017 and is very nervous about her first time taking part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

*contest held exclusively in her lounge room
**non-consecutive years

Adult: $16.00
Concession/Preview/Tight Ass Tuesday: $11.00
Group (10+): $11.00


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